Pttrns and Really Good Emails – best apps UI and email patterns

Pttrns is a service where all the top app screenshots are collected. What’s more, they’re divided into categories in a convenient way. It’s an irreplaceable service when it comes to UI building.

Really Good Emails is a similar service but it’s used for email designing.

Look them through, get inspiration and create better so that your app and email would appear on that web sites!

How to increase CTR of your transactional e-mails?

There aren’t many channels for communication with users: e-mail and push notifications. A user may forget about your service or app. In order to take him/her back, you need to remind about yourself. Earlier it was…

Vero – how to increase retention and subscription rate by just emails

Vero is a service which automatizes email marketing. You can set up different rules for sending email. For example, you can send a letter to a user right after registration on your web site. Here…