How visual mobile analytics can improve UX and increase retention

Hearing about something isn’t the same as seeing something. It concerns data as well. If you have a report with graphs and data, it still doesn’t give you a full picture. What if you would have a possibility to see your app with your users’ eyes? Robin Schwartz shares her thoughts on the topic.


Value of user experience

It’s a fact that user experience is essential to any app’s success. As there is so much competition in the app market, a user will leave your app and find another one, if he/she finds something dissatisfactory about your app. So, there’s no doubt that you need great UX.

Nowadays it’s a must that loadings are quick, UI has no problems, no crashes. If you avoid making common UX mistakes, your app will inspire people to stick around, talk about it and recommend it.


User retention matters

Getting and keeping users are challenging but different tasks.

App Store Optimization and other various techniques help to get nice ranks and get the necessary exposure. And when users have downloaded an app, there’s another important stage: user retention.

It can be rather difficult to hold on to your users. But you should make all the efforts to accomplish this.


Why visual mobile analytics makes a difference

Tracking what’s going on with an app on both the aggregated and user session level is an essential part of making sure that your users are satisfied. Traditional analytics (Google Analytics, Flurry) gives you an image of how your app performs by focusing on key metrics, but it doesn’t explain why some definite actions happen.

For example, you know that there’s low retention level but you don’t know why users don’t return to your app. A visual analytics solution is a way out: it will give you an insight to the reasons of user actions and a deep understanding of UX.

User Recordings and Touch Heatmaps are 2 visual features that help to get insights for better user retention. If you use them both, they offer a top-down/bottom-up approach to success.


User Recordings

User Recordings are the bottom-up side of the equation. They will give you a possibility to watch real user sessions, see how users interact with your app and understand all weak points of your app. User-level data which they provide allows you to understand the way users experience various app junctures.


Touch Heatmaps

The top-down half comes from Touch Heatmaps. They aggregate data and allow you to optimize different app factors (UI design, usability and so on) according to your user behavior analysis. Touch Heatmaps record every touch gesture so you can see what and where on the screen is used most.


If there’s a situation when users ignore some definite app feature, you can delete it from the page and free space for adding other nice UI detail.

You’ll get a complete understanding of how users interact with your app. You will also get the reasons of their actions which will help you to take the right measures to improve the retention and UX on the whole.



UX optimization and an impeccable app significantly increase user retention rates. The real remedy for user abandonment and the key to giving them a reason to come back to an app is an access into how they interact with your app using visual analytics.


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