ClosedClub — startup cemetery

Every day I choose a new startup which will help to make your own startup more successful. Today we’ll take a look at a base of failed startups ClosedClub.

ClosedClub is a platform for closed startups. The service works on Product Hunt principle: there are stories of failed startups on the website and users vote for this or that publication. Authors of stories explain why each company failed on the market and had to close.1

Users vote for the stories they like and thus the rating of closed companies is formed.

Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt Founder, has mentioned this project. He explained in the comments on his website that he likes ClosedClub conception but realization could be better.

“CV” for each startup is written briefly and professionally. Although stories are published not by authors of perished projects but by some “private expert team” who may not know exactly what actually was wrong with this or that company.2

ClosedClub founder who took part in the discussion explained that the final goal is to publish stories from entrepreneurs who refer to the closed startups. But for the beginning they have decided to use another model of adding content to the website.

In order to vote for the stories it’s necessary to register. You can do it with the help of Twitter or e-mail. Unauthorized users have access to a list of startups sorted by popularity and publication browsing.

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