10 tips on enhancing your app UX

Investigations show that investments in UX result in a decrease of user acquisition price, technical support expenditures and guarantee improvement in keeping users.

Kseniya believes that each dollar invested in UX, turns into 100 dollars. Which is a stunning 9,900% ROI.

That’s why it’s extremely important to pay attention to experience of interaction with users.

UX is a mixture of good design and user understanding.

Actually, organic growth depends on the quality of interaction experience. In order to help you get happy users, Nidhi Shah from Arkanea has gathered the most widespread mistakes in usability and advice on how to solve them. Continue reading “10 tips on enhancing your app UX”

Good UI ideas

Nobody doubts the importance of user interface design as it may be the reason for a  great website success or a devastating app failure. If users think that your product is too difficult to navigate, confusing or too busy, then even the best service is doomed to be abandoned and forgotten.

Good UI should possess a fine balance of wonderful looks and interactivity and simplicity and ease of use.

Today we would like you to meet a great helper in this sphere – GoodUI. Continue reading “Good UI ideas”

Tools designers use in their work. According to a poll of designers from 200 countries

What tools designers use in order to think of ideas, create prototypes and manage projects? Subtraction.com has carried out a poll among 4 000 designers from 200 countries and found out what tools they like most of all.

Participants of the poll were asked to name their favorite tools they use for 6 main design-tasks. Here’s a translation of the article by Ekaterina Izmestieva. Continue reading “Tools designers use in their work. According to a poll of designers from 200 countries”

9 substitutes for CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA (“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) is a robot-administered test that checks whether a user is an authentic one. It was supposed to be a bulletproof method but nowadays it may not be true. Online security and privacy is a total must and CAPTCHA seem not to be able to provide them. Moreover, CAPTCHA can cause UX failure and break up user flow. So, something must be done here. Joe Concannon addressed the problem in the article. Continue reading “9 substitutes for CAPTCHA”