3 rules of super productive meetings by Steve Jobs

Do your meetings seems to be a pointless waste of time with a strong feeling of something left unsaid? Take over the experience of one of the most efficient companies in the world where people are result-oriented and know the price of working hours.

Somebody desperately fights with sleepiness, somebody writes messages secretly and somebody watches a gorgeous colleague stealthily. There are many ways to wile the time away on a meeting. But not in the walls of Apple company because previous director knew perfectly well how to conduct meetings. Peter Gluhov has published an article on the 3 main Steve Job’s rules concerning productive meeting. Continue reading “3 rules of super productive meetings by Steve Jobs”

Highly efficient management. The main book of a beginner manager

I’ve been searching for a “magic book” for quite a long time. The book which would allow a beginner manager to get all the necessary knowledge at once. And it seems I’ve found it. “High Output Management” by Andrew S. Grove has been recognized unanimously as the main book on Quora portal. It has got exalted reviews from almost all the critics who write about it and is recommended as a holy word for each beginner manager. I’ve found it, read it and here’s what I think of it. Continue reading “Highly efficient management. The main book of a beginner manager”

How to assign tasks

No employee feels himself a machine for completing tasks. Everyone is intelligent, thoughtful, creative and responsible person.

If it’s not about your employees, it means you’re doing something wrong. When the employee’s abilities are respected, they give excellent results.

There is a method how to make employees feel winged and free to cope with each new challenge. We use it at work. Perhaps it is useful for you too.

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Genuine motivation

There are two types of tasks – algorithmic and heuristic.

Algorithmic are solved using a well-defined sequence of actions that provide a predictable result. In the Western world a person has to perform less algorithmic problems because they automate their work or delegate such work to the third world countries.

Heuristic tasks do not have ready solutions. Solving them people experiment and invent something. Design, programming, analysis, customer service – all these spheres require creativity and skills. Western economy is increasingly dependent on the solution of such problems.

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Key responsibilities of the head on the organization of effective management

Good work starts with careful organization. To get the job done efficiently and on time, you need to pay attention to the organization of this process. The list of requirements will include the following functions: setting objectives and organization of the implementation, allocation of responsibilities and ensuring interaction, relationship building, analyzing the results, performance audit processes etc. How to implement them in practice?

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Discipline at work

Ahh, discipline – a huge value of an employee, which gurus of management and business coaches are eager to achieve. Today discipline at work is the basis of order. But alas, it has its own downside.

On the one hand, we are committed to the concentration and efficiency, which is achieved only through discipline. On the other hand, this “noose” takes us farther and farther away from desires, risks, creativity to monotonous duties.

It’s difficult to discuss controversial issues, especially when it comes to the office work. It’s familiar to us on our own experience. The compromise in business matters can be reached  only intelligently. As well as discipline: to learn discipline you need to understand what it is and what it is not.

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