What are the most important features for a product?

UX-expert and Founder of company Measuring Usability Jeff Sauro has published in his blog material in which he has listed 7 methods of defining priority for customer requirements.

Sauro says that almost any product developer has a long list of things he/she wants to change, correct or realize from scratch. In order to cover all the points many resources are needed so that’s why it’s necessary to have priorities. Measuring Usability Founder offers 7 methods to define the most important tasks. Continue reading “What are the most important features for a product?”

How to increase CTR of your transactional e-mails?

There aren’t many channels for communication with users: e-mail and push notifications. A user may forget about your service or app. In order to take him/her back, you need to remind about yourself. Earlier it was possible to do with emails only, but now we have pushes as well.

Despite the arrival of mobile platforms, e-mail is still alive and will live for a long time. You should certainly use this channel as it still works and works pretty good. Continue reading “How to increase CTR of your transactional e-mails?”

10 alternatives for Google Play

Next step after you’ve made a cool app for Android is to make money on it. You may choose a common way to pay $25 and get to Google Play. But there is a plenty of various options. Each of them has their own users who may bring you lots of installs.

Some of the listed stores has a little bit smaller audience but others are more localized. Some of them don’t even need payment for admitting an app on the store. So it would be a great advantage to have your app listed on different stores. Continue reading “10 alternatives for Google Play”

Traction – a startup guide to getting customers

One of the main goals for any startup is to create traction. The second one is to build a great service or product.

Each startup wants to get traction. But how can we do it?

Authors have systematized and collected under one cover 19 traction channels. These are the marketing channels which will help you to bring real users and clients. Here they are. Continue reading “Traction – a startup guide to getting customers”