7 methods of strategic planning which suit any startup

Internet marketing specialist Lloyd Alexander has published a review of 7 modern marketing methods of strategic planning for startups.

As a young marketing specialist, I like using various planning methods. They help not only to plan and establish priorities but also to visualize how everything I do falls into place.

I won’t tell you about 4R conception, Porter 5 forces analysis or SWOT-analysis. Surely, these methods have their own place, however, they can’t show a development direction for a startup which wants to concentrate its energy on growth. In addition, they’re out-of-date.

Planning methods I’ll tell you about were developed by a modern marketing guru. Using them together will help you to make up a growth strategy for a project, choose traction channels and affect clients’ behavior. Continue reading “7 methods of strategic planning which suit any startup”

The psychology of pricing: a gigantic list of strategies

In order to succeed in nowadays competitive market it’s necessary to use smart pricing strategies when selling products or services.

Today we offer you an article on behavioral economics that will help you to see a clear picture of how to set prices right. Nick Kolenda has compiled a huge list of pricing strategies. It’s an absolute must-read. The article is divided into 4 parts, each containing different strategies and tactics you can apply straightaway. Continue reading “The psychology of pricing: a gigantic list of strategies”

How to get media coverage for your startup: a complete guide

There’s always a moment when people start to think about how to best get press for their startup. Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, shares his experience in the form of an ultimate guide. Buffer was featured by Mashable 6 times and also articles about it appeared in TechCrunch, The Next Web, ReadWriteWeb, GigaOm, LifeHacker, VentureBeat, Inc. Magazine, etc. So now you judge for yourself whether this tips work or not.

Leo Widrich points out that you should bear in mind that such results are also connected with a specific nature of Buffer – a tool for social media.

As the article contains much information, read only one point at a time, do it at once in and then proceed to another point. Continue reading “How to get media coverage for your startup: a complete guide”

10 cross-promo tools for mobile game developers

It’s getting harder and harder to create mobile apps as competition is growing in all the app stores. Install price continues to grow with a threatening speed in mobile and it concerns everybody, especially game developers.

But still, despite the fact that advertising networks are one of the most important channels of getting users in mobile, there are several free services which can help you to show your app to users. Usually the services allow developers to exchange users (downloads) with each other.

You’ll find 10 the most popular resources which will help you to show your games to the world via cross-promo in a large developer community in this article. Continue reading “10 cross-promo tools for mobile game developers”

How to get to mobile TOPs: Wooga company case

Eric Sefert of Wooga company was a speaker at the latest GDC. He told what’s better: to buy several thousands of installs per day or purchase traffic for a hundred thousand dollars once while trying to get to a TOP. He also spoke about how much TOP-1 costs in the USA, are there games which need marketing and how to evaluate virality of a project and calculate traffic price based on it. Continue reading “How to get to mobile TOPs: Wooga company case”