How to increase CTR of your transactional e-mails?

There aren’t many channels for communication with users: e-mail and push notifications. A user may forget about your service or app. In order to take him/her back, you need to remind about yourself. Earlier it was possible to do with emails only, but now we have pushes as well.

Despite the arrival of mobile platforms, e-mail is still alive and will live for a long time. You should certainly use this channel as it still works and works pretty good. Continue reading “How to increase CTR of your transactional e-mails?”

Mailgun – the email service for developers

The service represents an alternative for mailchimp. However, the price is favourable. In contrast with mailchimp, which has based monetization on subscriptions, mailgun is monetized on «pay as you go» model. Sending of 10,000 letters during a month is free. And it’s sufficient for small projects. Interaction with mailgun occurs through API, there’s no possibility to simple load a template and recipient lists and it’s necessary to use API for sending templates. Continue reading “Mailgun – the email service for developers”