Carrot Quest Case: HADI-cycles and how to increase project development with their help

Ilya Krasinsky, AppCraft CEO, a team of a Carrot Quest service and IIDF representatives have carried out a workshop in order to increase unit-economy of 5 startups with the help of HADI-cycles.

Dmitry Soldatov of Carrot Quest has published an article on the basis of the workshop. Continue reading “Carrot Quest Case: HADI-cycles and how to increase project development with their help”

Work should be work sometimes

A Melbourne design agency Navy has divided a working day of the employees into 2 parts — a “silent” (when there must be silence in the office) and a usual one. Ollie Campbell, an employee of the company, has told in his blog how it allowed the agency to increase productivity of their workers by 23% and make a 4-day working week. Darja Hohlova has translated and shared this material. Continue reading “Work should be work sometimes”

3 rules of super productive meetings by Steve Jobs

Do your meetings seems to be a pointless waste of time with a strong feeling of something left unsaid? Take over the experience of one of the most efficient companies in the world where people are result-oriented and know the price of working hours.

Somebody desperately fights with sleepiness, somebody writes messages secretly and somebody watches a gorgeous colleague stealthily. There are many ways to wile the time away on a meeting. But not in the walls of Apple company because previous director knew perfectly well how to conduct meetings. Peter Gluhov has published an article on the 3 main Steve Job’s rules concerning productive meeting. Continue reading “3 rules of super productive meetings by Steve Jobs”

7 methods of strategic planning which suit any startup

Internet marketing specialist Lloyd Alexander has published a review of 7 modern marketing methods of strategic planning for startups.

As a young marketing specialist, I like using various planning methods. They help not only to plan and establish priorities but also to visualize how everything I do falls into place.

I won’t tell you about 4R conception, Porter 5 forces analysis or SWOT-analysis. Surely, these methods have their own place, however, they can’t show a development direction for a startup which wants to concentrate its energy on growth. In addition, they’re out-of-date.

Planning methods I’ll tell you about were developed by a modern marketing guru. Using them together will help you to make up a growth strategy for a project, choose traction channels and affect clients’ behavior. Continue reading “7 methods of strategic planning which suit any startup”

Communication with a boss: how to keep up your dignity

What do you feel when you’re making a report for your manager? Fear? Uncertainty?

Nobody teaches us at schools how to communicate with managers, however everybody will have to pass such an exam when we start our careers. And a failure may ruin your career. I got my own experience of how to report to my boss later on when I myself became a manager. I also understood how clumsily employees make reports if nobody taught them to.

The rules I want to share will help you to adjust your professional communication with a manager and enhance your work relationships.

If you’re a manager, just send this article to your employees. As a result, you’ll set common rules which will make your communication more efficient and pleasant. Continue reading “Communication with a boss: how to keep up your dignity”

Big list of 100+ resources where you can find financing for your social project

Do you need to find an investor, collect money for you project via crowdfunding or get a grant? Here’s a list of resources where you can find financial support for realization of your social project.

If it’s only money that stops you from making the world a better place, stop waiting and act!

Nothing symbolizes entrepreneurship better than fundraising. Social entrepreneurship isn’t an exception. Today non-commercial organizations have many opportunities to finance a project, movie, etc.

The list of fonds, crowdfunding resources and grants will help you to realize your idea. Continue reading “Big list of 100+ resources where you can find financing for your social project”

How to conduct effective meetings?

Have you been at meetings lasting more than 2 hours and where participants tried to solve all problems in the world at once? When people lost their temper and tried to shut down their colleagues in order to find the right solution? When every meeting comes to nothing and participants swear that they will never gather for such pointless conferences again?

Conducting meetings is one of the key methods of personnel management. However, it’s very difficult to make them efficient.

Today we’ll talk about meetings meant for solving definite tasks. Continue reading “How to conduct effective meetings?”