Helpful Hints to Draft a Statement of Work Like a Pro

Among many documents that are necessary for product managers’ daily work, a statement of work (SOW) is one of the most important and fundamental.

It’s rather simple: a poorly planned statement of work is doomed to failure of the whole project, while efforts spent on careful preparation of a detailed SOW are the guarantee of the overall success of the team. Any experienced product manager will confirm that PM documents are as crucial in management as team collaboration and professional product management tools. Continue reading “Helpful Hints to Draft a Statement of Work Like a Pro”

8 services for conducting user researches

Anton Sukharev, Shopnetic product manager, has compiled a list of services which help to conduct user researches – with prices and main peculiarities. We can’t but share the translation of the article with you.

If you’ve read “Big list of must have tools for every product manager”, you probably know that I’d announced a publication of suchlike lists. So, here you’ll find services for conducting researches. Continue reading “8 services for conducting user researches”