Kanban in IT (Kanban Development)

We’ve found and translated a great article on Kanban telling about its advantages and main competitors. We can’t but share it with you.

The term Kanban has appeared in Japan due to a widely known in narrow circles Toyota Production System. We’d like more people to learn about this system and its main principles: careful production, constant development, client-orientation, etc. All these principles are described in Taiichi Ohno’s book “Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production”. Continue reading “Kanban in IT (Kanban Development)”

How to calculate and increase customer lifetime value

It’s not true that to acquire a customer costs 5-7x more than to keep one. Tommy Walker writes about it because many entrepreneurs reallocate budgets basing on soundbite statistics and end up with a disaster. It’s highly important to analyze your data to establish viable benchmarks and goals.

Walker describes various metrics associated with customer lifetime value and explores how this knowledge can be used to make data driven decisions. Continue reading “How to calculate and increase customer lifetime value”

Ideal Customer Profile framework

It’s a must to have a clear definition of your Ideal Customer.

ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) is what defines everything in a SaaS product you build. It concerns functionality, features and even words and emotions you use.

It’s not true that making an Ideal Customer Profile limits you. No. You actually choose your customers, people you want to deal with. But actually, it’s users who choose you in the end.

There are many methods to create an Ideal Customer Profile but Lincoln Murphy has created a framework of his on and wants to share it with you. Continue reading “Ideal Customer Profile framework”

Free book “Fake It Make It: How to Make an App Prototype in 3 Hours”

Is it possible to create an interactive demo version of your app idea without design tools, programming skills and hiring freelancers?

People study new tools and programming for weeks, spend thousands of dollars on designers and developers in order to make an app version that users don’t need.

The book will teach you an easy, quick and cheap way of prototyping web and mobile apps. And you don’t need any special skills for this. Continue reading “Free book “Fake It Make It: How to Make an App Prototype in 3 Hours””

The ulimate list of B2B growth hacks

If you want companies to buy your product, the first thing you should do is to get individuals to hear about it. The truth is that each sale starts when a person who works for a company knows what you’re doing and is impressed enough to suggest your product to an organization. Traditional B2B marketing concentrates on reaching the “right” audience directly while growth hacking allows to reach a wider range of people which increases your chances significantly. Continue reading “The ulimate list of B2B growth hacks”