Good UI ideas

Nobody doubts the importance of user interface design as it may be the reason for a  great website success or a devastating app failure. If users think that your product is too difficult to navigate, confusing or too busy, then even the best service is doomed to be abandoned and forgotten.

Good UI should possess a fine balance of wonderful looks and interactivity and simplicity and ease of use.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences

Paid advertising may be a good idea and a great source of sales and leads. Although, it costs a lot.

Your ads will perform better if you know the people you’re advertising to well. That’s the reason why so many business owners like advertising on Facebook: there are so many ways to target audience.

Casandra Campbell, the author of the article, likes Facebook Custom Audiences most of all. She says that “you can retarget people who have interacted with your business already. For example, customers and website visitors.”

With Custom Audience you know for sure who sees your ads. Such laser-targeted messaging will increase your conversion and give you a better ROI. Continue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences”

29 apps that will to enhance your office productivity

Our lives have become easier due to technologies. Now, when we all have smartphones and tablets, there is a great amount of apps that can track how many miles you’ve walked and how much time you spend in social networks. The line between fun and work in app world is not easy to distinguish. So, Eric Ebert has gathered 29 apps that will help you to be productive.
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How to ask for access correctly?

Brenden Mulligan, the author of the article, is one of LaunchKit creators, a tool set for iOS developers. He also works on a mobile and web-app Cluster which allows to create personal networks on the basis of common interests and experience. Also, Brenden is the author of ArtistData and OneSheet projects.

Cluster has become my first mobile native app. Working on it, I’ve realized that I’ve learned so many things including those not concerning web. When you create a web-app, you only create a page for visitors. But when you develop a native app, you not only offer people to download something, but also ask them to give you access to their location and personal data. And these are very different relationships. Continue reading “How to ask for access correctly?”

Psychology of setting goals: should others know about them?

Many programs on coaching and self-perfection make it their rule that setting a goal is a key factor in achieving success. But is it true? Can choosing a direction vector lead us to a positive result? Are you surprised by the question? Believe me, you’ll be surprised by the answer even more. The thing is how the human brain works.

Setting goals is quite a difficult process which carries a powerful effect on the human brain. If you know the details of this process, you can make it work for you by using the knowledge you’ll acquire and get even more benefit.

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