Importance of time-management in game development

TGS has written a tremendous article on how essential time-management is. And here’s the translation.

A great many of books tell us that we should do what’s interesting for us, turning your hobby into an income source and main business. A starting point (boring life, uninteresting environment) and a final point (making your life better, feeling happiness and so on) are described everywhere. But there’s nothing said about the difficulties you’ll have to overcome in order to get from point “A” to point “B”.

We have also tried to make a business out of our hobby. It all started in 2013 when I and 4 my friends decided to develop games. We spent approximately 6 months on studying graphics, programming nuances and so on. An idea occurred to us during the learning process. It seemed so huge and large-scale that it would take months and even years to realize it. And resources… big resources which we didn’t have. We decided that we should start from the simplest variant — an indie-game with many endings. We rented an office on the outskirts of our city as we tried to minimize expenses. Economy allowed us to get an experience of working “at all costs” and “in any circumstances”: we had to work on the project in an atmosphere unsuitable for it. So, searching for a project development catalyst, we faced several barriers. Continue reading “Importance of time-management in game development”