How much money iOS apps make per download (by category)

Generally, iOS apps bring more income than Android apps. But have you ever thought of how much iOS apps make per download?

Hugh Kimura have. He examined Store Intelligence data to get a full picture of the revenue per download for all iOS apps throughout the world.

Some of categories are pretty predictable (for example, games). But others may earn more money than you could think. This information is highly important if you’re going to create an app: the data will be very helpful in choosing an app category. Continue reading “How much money iOS apps make per download (by category)”

How visual mobile analytics can improve UX and increase retention

Hearing about something isn’t the same as seeing something. It concerns data as well. If you have a report with graphs and data, it still doesn’t give you a full picture. What if you would have a possibility to see your app with your users’ eyes? Robin Schwartz shares her thoughts on the topic. Continue reading “How visual mobile analytics can improve UX and increase retention”

The ulimate list of B2B growth hacks

If you want companies to buy your product, the first thing you should do is to get individuals to hear about it. The truth is that each sale starts when a person who works for a company knows what you’re doing and is impressed enough to suggest your product to an organization. Traditional B2B marketing concentrates on reaching the “right” audience directly while growth hacking allows to reach a wider range of people which increases your chances significantly. Continue reading “The ulimate list of B2B growth hacks”

Productivity Pron. Part I.

How to define the notion of productivity? As a rule, productivity implies the number of tasks you do during some period of time. The more things you do – the more your productivity is. At first, it seems logical. But there one thing. The formula doesn’t take into account importance of your tasks. Chasing quantity, you risk losing quality. So, how not to miss the most important and keep to an appropriate productivity level?

Continue reading “Productivity Pron. Part I.”

Consumers spend 85% of time on apps in smartphones but use only 5 of them actively

A new investigation of mobile behavior shows a growing problem that developers encounter, says Anna Uhanaeva. Today consumers spend more than 85% of their time in smartphones on native apps, but most of the time they spend on only 5 apps. Continue reading “Consumers spend 85% of time on apps in smartphones but use only 5 of them actively”

7 methods of strategic planning which suit any startup

Internet marketing specialist Lloyd Alexander has published a review of 7 modern marketing methods of strategic planning for startups.

As a young marketing specialist, I like using various planning methods. They help not only to plan and establish priorities but also to visualize how everything I do falls into place.

I won’t tell you about 4R conception, Porter 5 forces analysis or SWOT-analysis. Surely, these methods have their own place, however, they can’t show a development direction for a startup which wants to concentrate its energy on growth. In addition, they’re out-of-date.

Planning methods I’ll tell you about were developed by a modern marketing guru. Using them together will help you to make up a growth strategy for a project, choose traction channels and affect clients’ behavior. Continue reading “7 methods of strategic planning which suit any startup”

Project management software: finish?

It’s not easy to describe an ideal project management software briefly. It doesn’t exist on the market at the moment. At least I couldn’t find a system satisfying my “ideality” criteria 80%. It makes me thinking about creating a suchlike system close to an ideal. A creative symbiosis of a genius developer and a talented marketing specialist with understanding of technical side of the question can give a very good result. Continue reading “Project management software: finish?”

The psychology of pricing: a gigantic list of strategies

In order to succeed in nowadays competitive market it’s necessary to use smart pricing strategies when selling products or services.

Today we offer you an article on behavioral economics that will help you to see a clear picture of how to set prices right. Nick Kolenda has compiled a huge list of pricing strategies. It’s an absolute must-read. The article is divided into 4 parts, each containing different strategies and tactics you can apply straightaway. Continue reading “The psychology of pricing: a gigantic list of strategies”