Pushwoosh – service for sending push-notifications

Push-notifications are a reliable and efficient service for instant transfer of information directly to a user. With the help of OTA technologies push-messages allow to deliver any notifications like remindings, updates and news from the net even when an app isn’t open. Push-messages may contain HTML, images, video or other content. Continue reading “Pushwoosh – service for sending push-notifications”

How to make a great video for an app page in App Store

Today we will share with you our experience of how to create a video for App Store page. What can a developer do? What can you outsource? What features would be better to refuse from?

A video in an app description is arranged on the place of the first screenshot and in App Store search it’s on the most visible place.

You can choose any frame you want for the preview. It’s possible to upload the video and screenshots only while updating. You can upload different videos for various devices, but you can’t localize them yet: only one video for all the languages. We hope that they’ll eliminate this injustice some time. Continue reading “How to make a great video for an app page in App Store”