Why change spent time to saved time metric?

Developers’ urge towards keeping people on a web site or in an app longer doesn’t always help users to solve their tasks. It often creates only additional problems.

“Spent time” metric is a index of consumption level, not a satisfaction level. Dreaming of the highest figures, developers forget about solving users’ tasks in the most optimal way.   Continue reading “Why change spent time to saved time metric?”

ThinkGaming – revenue and install estimates for mobile games

Guys from ThinkGaming collect interesting statistics, inсome and installs quantity of mobile games to be exact. Games from the main markets are supported – App Store and Google Play.

Here you can look at top grossing iPhone games in United States. And here you can give a glance at top free games in United States.

But that’s where free cheese comes to the end.

With the help of paid subscription you’ll be able to learn the following. Continue reading “ThinkGaming – revenue and install estimates for mobile games”

Apps and services for listening to music at work

Choosing the right environment plays a huge role for productivity. Good lightning, comfortable chair, favorite plant on a table, a cup of strong coffee may make your work more pleasant and efficient. Background sounds are also very important. In this review you’ll get acquainted with several simple and quite original services. They offer musical accompaniment which fits perfectly for concentration and creativity. Continue reading “Apps and services for listening to music at work”

Appsee – insights into your users behavior

We’ve been using Appsee for a long time. Initially they offered a video record of user behavior in an app.

I.e. while your users are using the app, Appsee is recording the process so that you see all the clicks and gestures.

All the user’s sessions are recorded. For example, a user registers and uses your app. The following day he/she receives a push notification, opens it and returns to the app. A user is doing something in the app and all that is being recorded. So you can understand why this definite user has returned to the app.

Apart from looking at the app through user’s eyes, you’ll be able to do the following. Continue reading “Appsee – insights into your users behavior”