Reasons of the staff turnover. Measures for its elimination

Staff turnover. Many companies pay too much attention to this problem. They conduct various experiments using outdated methods but do not really understand whether staff turnover is bad or good? If good specialists leave the company – it is bad. If the “unworthy” people become leaders and then they are fired – it is not good either, because it wastes a lot of time. And if the one who is able to quickly climb the career ladder and take responsibility for large areas, sweeps bad workers away from his path – it is good for the company. In fact, staff turnover in a company is a normal thing, and if you learn how to control it, it will bring only use. Below we will briefly describe the system which can help you to reduce staff turnover at times and benefit from it.

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How to increase your authority among the subordinates?

As a well-know great person said, all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. And one man in his time plays many parts. Someone more, someone less. At home – husband / wife, father / son etc. At work – head / subordinate,  formal / informal leader, database expert and so on.

We often ask others to do something for us. Sometimes people meet our requests instantly, without questions, but more often they enter a discussion, argue and sometimes completely fail to satisfy us. In this regard we can’t but mention a saving genie. It’s a fairytale, you say. In this article we proof that it is not. Authority is a genie, which helps you to significantly speed up the implementation of tasks given to your subordinates. Quick decision-making in business is not only sufficient, but also necessary condition for the success of the enterprise. Therefore, the authority must be constantly developed and kept in shape. This is what our today’s article is about.

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How to motivate yourself?

Work is hard. Work for the salary is easier. Work for the salary only is boring, monotonous work – also boring.

And what about us? Creating features for startupkitchen is extremely interesting, implementation is not so much fun. BUT we do it for YOU and it spurs us and motivates us. In this article we have compiled for you a pack of methods that motivate us. We hope that they will be useful for you too.

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Stephen Covey 7 Habits: Outline

Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is one of the most valuable in our corporate library. We advice it to all our employees. Its value lies in the fact that it describes a ready-made system to improve the quality of life. And when we give it to our employees, we improve their lives. But it won’t work if you just read it and keep waiting for a miracle. Constant use of the principles, described in the book is the necessary element of success.
Read and implement. Good luck!

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Top Cloud business apps

Running business requires a huge amount of effort and time. And there is nothing more valuable than things that can help to save time and effort. We run online business ourselves, and we like to automate our work – we let the machines to do the maximum of dirty work, saving time for us to be engaged into a more creative process. For this purpose we use a huge set of various apps for business. So, in this article we want to present you an overview of the most useful from our point of view business apps.

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Live to work or work to live. Part 10. TM-manifesto: from the tool to the ideology

Live to work or work to live. Part 9. TM-bacillus: how to convey the idea of time management to other people 

Let us digress for a short time from the techniques of planning and management tasks and talk about more sublime things – the ideology of time management.

“Sublime things” – are not necessary “impractical”. As the saying goes, “nothing is as practical as a good theory”. And a good ideology is even more practical. Technology without ideology is dead and helpless. Therefore, in the last article, we summarize the ideological worldview of the time management.

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Live to work or work to live. Part 9. TM-bacillus: how to convey the idea of time management to other people

Live to work or work to live. Part 8. Time consumers: how to find time reserves

We can not be 100% effective, if we do not co-ordinate our personal time-management with other people – colleagues, leaders, subordinates, relatives, clients etc. Due to the mutual respect for the time we can escape loosing this precious resource in vain. With the competent coordination with colleagues, we can achieve better results at lower costs.

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